Cincinnati Elite FC – Players Workout to keep ready for our next Challenge.

As we continue in our suspended season, CEFC wants to keep our young athletes tuned to begin, again.  Simply, they have worked extremely hard and been diligent through Advanced Winter Training, 4v4 Indoor Street Soccer League w/ Early Season Scrimmages & Match play.

Attached is a day to day work out for every aged Cincinnati Elite FC young athlete.  There are instructional links to skills, videos & fitness sessions.  There will also be direction for inputted information of timed runs to trainers.  Keepers are being asked, by Coach Matt, to train from their age group sessions and then add his Keeper session.

Videos/Links will be added & your Cincinnati Elite FC trainer will continue to communicate with you or directly with the players.

CEFC will continue to follow the direction of our governing bodies.

CEFC will continue to LEAD the direction needed for the never-ending development of our players.

Each age group is formatted to print and/or watch on your mobile device.  Please reach out to our trainers for questions or needs.

It’s easy to be average…

–       Cincinnati Elite FC

Click HERE for the WORKOUTS (April 12 – May 2)
Click HERE for the WORKOUTS (March 19th – April 11)