Preparation for High School Soccer Begins NOW!

If you ask any 8-year-old soccer player “Do you want to play Soccer in High School?” and you generally will get a resounding “YES”, but here in Cincinnati that can often be a real challenge.  You can help improve the odds.

Experience has shown there is a 3 Year window where quality soccer training makes the greatest difference in young soccer players.  From the ages of 8, 9 & 10 kids are eager to learn and improve! Soccer is not unique, it has been shown in other skills like Playing the Piano, Gymnastics, or even Skills like Arithmetic. Kids that learn from qualified teachers or instructors during these prime years excel and reach even greater heights in these areas.  Kids age 8-10 can do almost anything you show them, and they have not reached the age where suddenly they think they know everything.

You want a club that is focused on the proper training – technical skills are important, but so are tactical skills and playing competitively.  Cincinnati Elite FC provides that proper technical and tactical training and competition.  All of our training sessions & games are led by qualified trainers under the guidance of our USSF A Licensed Directors.  We believe in a family balanced approach and are multi-sport friendly.  You can look to the Varsity rosters on many of the local high school teams and most players have played Club soccer for a long time (many with Cincinnati Elite FC).  Experience Cincinnati Elite FC and Get a jump start on the future…  

Register for Spring Tryouts NOW!