Congratulations go to Taylor Thames for receiving his US Soccer National “A-Senior” Coaching License.  A tremendous about of time and dedication goes into reaching this level of Coaching.

Taylor is the FOURTH member of our staff to reach this level of US Soccer coaching education.  Taylor joins Alex Rawlings, Marcel Matis, and Dave Stejbach in this Elite group for soccer professionals.

Photo courtesy of Deb Varland Photography @Debvarland


US Soccer licensing has been evolving over the years.  It starts at the basic level NATIONAL F and goes to PRO License.  The NATIONAL F is readily available to everyone, parents, and coaches.  Over 70,000 individuals obtained their F License since 2015. The opposite spectrum is the US Soccer PRO License where the first 13 coaches completed this course in 2016.  

Each level has its own requirement.  This ranges from self-paced online study to classroom instruction, live coaching demonstrations and long-term mentors with private session and coaching reviews.  As a coach moves up the ladder from E, D, C B, and A they are challenged to learn more. This dedication is why we are proud of our staff and the Four (4) HS trainers that have obtained their USSF “A” License.

NATIONAL F: The National F License, available exclusively online through U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center, is a grassroots-type course tailored for parents and coaches (16 years of age or older) of five to eight-year-old players. The two-hour course teaches best practices for creating a fun, activity-centered and age-appropriate environment for youth players who typically play four-versus-four (4v4).

Total Time: 2 hours

NATIONAL E: The 18-hour E course consists of a series of in-person lectures and field sessions and is typically held over one weekend. The primary objective of the National E Course is to develop coaches to effectively teach nine to 12 year olds. There is no development period required between completion of the F License and registering for the E.

Total Time: 18 hours

NATIONAL D: Once an individual has held the E License for six months, they may register for the D course, which is geared for those coaching 13 to 14 year olds. The course is broken down into four parts and takes 40+ hours to complete. Phases include online assignments, face-to-face meetings with instructors, training sessions over a minimum of 10 weeks, and a final on-field exam.

Total Time: 18 hours + 6 months + 40 hours of class

NATIONAL C: An individual must have held the D License for 12 months to register for the C License. Designed to focus on core coaching competencies for those leading competitive youth soccer, the C course takes 130 or more hours and consists of two meetings separated by a development period, usually lasting two to three months. All licenses at the C level and above are administered and approved by U.S. Soccer Coaching Department instructors.

Total Time: 18 hours + 6 months + 40 hours of class + 12 months + 130 hours

NATIONAL B: The U.S. Soccer B License requires a comprehensive application from all eligible candidates who are at least 18 years of age. Each applicant must have held the C License for at least 12 months and be working with an 11v11 youth team. To complete the course, candidates dedicate more than 150 hours with three meetings separated by two development periods over four to five months. The National B License is the minimum standard for coaches in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy.

Total Time: 18 hours + 6 months + 40 hours of class + 12 months + 130 hours + 12 months + 150 hours

NATIONAL A-YOUTH: The A-Youth License also requires a comprehensive application from all eligible candidates who must have held the B License for at least six months, and have access to a team of elite youth players in a high-performance environment. The course focuses on the development of the potential professional player. The course includes four meetings separated by three development periods and takes approximately five to six months to complete.

Total Time: 18 hours + 6 months + 40 hours of class + 12 months + 130 hours + 12 months + 150 hours + 6 months + 150 hours