Advanced Winter Training


I stand firm that this program contributes to a huge amount of success for spring development.  It will be a similar program to last year as we continue to fine tune a training system that has proven to keep young athletes’ “touch on the ball” improving between the fall and spring seasons.  The shooting/finishing is outstanding and rivaled by no other program.  This has become especially important with the spring season beginning earlier each year with our High Level squads.  We will also keep the program in Milford, Cincy Sports Nation (5999 Meijer Dr.  Milford, OH 45150).

We will continue this year with the combination that each team will have at the end/beginning of their 60-minute soccer field session with an explosion training session (no soccer ball) for an additional 60 minutes.  Our program continues to lead in the building of soccer specific strength/fitness.  Our trainers will split it into four sections (core, burst, length & strength).

Keepers will have the custom fit once again with 30 minutes instructions and then 30 minutes of live action.  I really can’t think of a better program for our keepers.

Sessions will be each Monday beginning December 2nd and ending after the February 10th session.  Dates are as follows:  12/2, 9, 16, 1/6, 13, 20, 27 & then Feb 3, 10.  The block reserved is each Monday evening from 6 – 8pm.  This program is tactically based and therefore is team only…by invite only.

T&T w/ Cincinnati Elite FC will provide the professional trainers for all nine (9) sessions and the curriculum for the entire winter program.  The Winter Training Program will be priced at $139 per player.

The Ignition Program is 60 minutes for each player within the two-hour block.  The program consists of an intense 60-minute session focusing on sport-specific skill and techniques directly related to the soccer athlete, positional training, speed and agility mechanics, strength and weight training for core stability, power and physical fitness.  Again, total fee for both sessions (two hours) is $139 per Cincinnati Elite FC athlete.  Individuals pay online or by mailing in a check.

Hoop players can come in at the half way mark in the 5th week or for just the soccer field 1-hour part of the session (some may be able to come to those first couple of Monday’s).  The fee therefore would be $75 to prepare the young athlete to jump right in with their team preparing for the Spring Season.  These players must be paid and accounted for in advance with the other team members.  A full refund will be provided if the hoops schedule does not work as planned into their busy schedule.

Make sure you REGISTER / PURCHASE the sessions before the signup deadline, November 26th, 2018.