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Caelan Hueber



Caelan’s been playing soccer as long as he can remember. Since he started playing as a kid he’s been around a ball, field, coach or goal most of his life. Starting out in SAY like most kids these days, he quickly climbed to club soccer level and by the time he was finished with high school, helped both his club and school to win major titles. At the club level, his team won the Disney Showcase, one of the most prestigious tournaments at that time. In addition, during his senior year, he led the team to its first State title in almost 15 years.

As a college player, he continued to play and help his team to break records. The team went further then they had ever gone before in the tournament. Playing for Adelphi University, he became a top ten scorer of all time and helped the team to win its first NE-10 title. Starting as a freshman, he played in almost every game for the four years he was enrolled. In between games, Caelan was coaching the whole time. His love for soccer not only kept his interest on the field, but also off. Coaching for One Goal soccer in NY during the school year, and for multiple programs over the summers while home was a great experience for him. It not only taught him a lot but also helped him pass on his experiences and skills to a younger generation of soccer players.

  • Played Soccer for Adelphi University

  • NE-10 All-Conference First Team (2014 & 2015)

  • NE-10 Academic All-Conference (2015)

  • Cincinnati Country Day Men’s Varsity coach (1989 – 1990)

  • Oak Hills High School Men’s JV coach (1986 – 1988)

  • Walnut Hills High School men’s JV coach (1984 – 1985)

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